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Two of my favorite things, my hu-kids & poo-kids!
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Is it the odd haircuts, the undeserving foo foo reputation or maybe even the fear that you will no longer be smarter than your dog if you adopt a Poodle into your life?

Well kind folks I'm here to tell you that you can trim your Poodle's coat any way you wish and that 'foo foo' has no place in the same sentence with POODLE but that smart thing, well... we DO call them 'scary smart' around here so you're on your own there.

Today's Poodle is not the same dog your Granny owned.  While they have always been a clownish, smart, family loving breed they are now even more versatile and people are learning of the original intentions of breeders who nurtured this breed along in it's infancy.  The original Poodle was the Standard sized Poodle, it was used as a water fowl retriever and many people are going back to the Poodles roots and enjoying this breed in a whole new light as they adore their pet companion on an everyday basis but also by getting involved in not only conformation showing but obedience, agility, flyball, freestyle dancing, tracking, herding, hunting, weight pull, search and rescue, therapy and assistance dogs of all kinds... this is NOT the "foo foo" dog of times past.  Open your mind and your eyes to the full picture of just what a Poodle is and I think you may find your best friend in life awaiting you in a curly coated suit  offering a love like you have never known.

Do you think you may like a Poodle but you really question some of the "goofy" haircuts you see them in?  People see Standard Poodles most often usually on TV or at dog shows so they see the show trims and many people are put off by that.  Let me tell you friends, while there is historic significance to the show trims the Poodle is sooooo much more than a haircut!

As a matter of fact, that is one of the most fun things about owning a Poodle, you can decide on a different trim everytime you take them to the groomer if you so choose.  You can have them sport short trims for Summer, a longer coat for Winter and a multitude of different trims in between.

You will see different trims throughout our website and your groomer may have a chart or book with pictures so that you can pick out the trim that would best suit your Poodle for your lifestyle.

  This breed is not referred to as "versatile" for no reason you know!  From the trims they can wear to the sports and titles they can achieve, the Poodle is versatility in curls.
Standard Poodles
Hi Everyone,
I apologize for having taken so long to update anything on the website but I've had a huge learning curve this past year as we welcomed chickens, ducks, rabbits, pigs & goats to our little farm in the Ozarks. All that learning & doing didn't leave a lot of time for being online much.
We have also changed our email address so if you have tried contacting me and not gotten a reply please forgive my error in not updating the new address here until now.
God Bless You & Your's!